World Cup of Food

Where we set the challenge to make a reppic for every country in the World Cup

What does a 15 minute meal really look like?

Tiger prawns with fried green plantain and guacamole

It’s a snack made from pork belly – yes, pork belly

This fusion of two staple dishes from Costa Rica, chicharrón y frijoles, called Chifrijo, is the football-watching snacker’s dream.

You don’t need an epic kitchen to make epic food

This dish proves you don’t need all the latest equipment or complicated techniques to achieve greatness in your food.

Death, blood sacrifice, and stew – still not enough to pull England through

Rabbit and port stew

Beijinhos de coco e chocolate

In the craziest World Cup in history, in the sweetest of football extravaganzas, we have to kiss an extraordinary country goodbye

An epic curanto for an epic team

All in one pot that will be particularly appreciated by your Chilean friendS

World Cup of Food challenge begins

How about Crni Rizot – or Black Squid Risotto – laid out step by step in a reppic to cheer on the Croatians in the World Cup.

Comfort food for Ecuadorians

What a hit recipe for Ecuador’s opening game! As popular as football, these devilish little bread balls are a craving in the making